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Crisp & Chewy Cookies

Our cookies are an experience that will surprise you!  They are baked with more oatmeal than flour!  So, they are good any time of the day.  We recommend freezing to preserve – never refrigerating.  May be frozen up to 3 months.


Our customers tell us our cookies are the best!  Options: Chocolate chip (eggless), Oatmeal (no soy ingredients) or (New!) Carob Chocolate Chip.  Decorative bow shown may vary. 


Cookie Gift Bag

This is a great option for a co-worker, college student away from home or a date night!  Get a 6-pack of our delicious cookies in an attractive gift bag for any occasion!


Enjoy Deanna’s Delights® signature cookie recipe on the go!  Insert in a gift bag, take for lunch, eat for breakfast, take on a trip or the beach.    


Get 14 chocolate chip & 14 oatmeal raisin.  Also available ALL chocolate chip or ALL oatmeal raisin or (New!) ALL Carob Chocolate Chip


Enjoy warm cookies right out of your oven when you choose to order our cookie dough.  Make them any way or any size you want!  Yields 42-45 cookies, when scooped per our instructions!


Includes 20 chocolate chip & 20 oatmeal raisin.  Also available: ALL chocolate chip or ALL oatmeal raisin or (New!) ALL Carob Chocolate Chip


Have a delicious, safe give-a-way at your next drive-by, office gathering or special event!  Options: Half & Half (28); Party Pack (40); Event Cookies (120). Custom label option available

$45 & up

Available as chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, (New!) Carob Chocolate Chip or combination.  Spice cookie with sprinkles flavor available upon request.


Give these memorable keepsake boxes to someone special to convey the sweetest sentiments


Personalize your Deanna’s Delights® cookies with a personalized label for as low as $1.75 per cookie!  No Set up fee!  Minimum order of 28 labels. 


Carob Chocolate Chip!

This gourmet cookie is screaming for a cup of chilled milk!  We have created a rich carob cookie (full of oatmeal!) with vegan chocolate chips!  It’s great for those who love a double chocolate chip cookie but….want to decrease the chocolate in their life.  Grab your favorite book or go to your secret place and enjoy!  

Carob Chocolate Chip


Add this 12oz mug to your next order!  Eat one of our delicious desserts and enjoy your favorite beverage in our attractive mug! Join our fan club with the purchase of our new mug!

Join our fan Club!


Fan Favs Pick!


Our moist & delicious cupcakes made with carob are great for birthday parties!  When shipped, they are placed in jars.

$ 36

You can’t imagine how delicious our carob fudgy brownie, Oreos® & our chocolate chip cookie dough taste.  This is a must have!

$ 48

You will want to share this moist delicious cake with those you loveyour next special occasion…it’s that good!

Beloved Brownies

Our brownie experience are for those ready to have a “great” day, a “great” evening!…Or, “happy” weekend!  Our brownies are individually wrapped.  Then, presented in an attractive white box with our elegant logo & a pretty bow.  They are a true gift!  We recommend freezing to preserve up to 6 months.

This is no ordinary brownie!  Our carob brownie with chips allows you to indulge yourself without the guilt! 


Sweet & salty collide for this surprisingly delicious, signature dessert experience drizzled with our butterscotch sauce.


If you enjoy coconut, choose this carob brownie, without chocolate chips, for a delicious dessert experience.


We dared to do it & it taste great.  Brownie lovers bite into our carob brownie, cookie & chips!…Then, wait for the smile.


Slutty “Fudgy” Brownie (8)

(aka Cookie Dough Oreo® Brownie)

Yep!  We didn’t invent this, but we’ve made it better!  Deanna’s Delights chocolate chip cookie dough layered with cookie sandwich cookies and our carob fudgy brownie with chips! Ultimate yummy!


Cupcakes & Cake

Enjoy cake again, without the guilt!  Our plant-based cupcakes & cakes are a delectable hit that balances satisfying your sweet tooth & enjoyment of desserts with a healthier dessert experience.  Store in cool place.

Your guest will have their mouths full of these cupcakes as soon as you invite them to the dessert table.  If shipped, cupcakes are in individual jars.


The robust flavor within these cupcakes is particularly loved by kids!  If shipped, cupcakes are in individual jars.


If you love German Chocolate cake…have we got something for you-without the nuts!  This is a birthday favorite! Serves 12-16


 This Bundt-style cake features our moist carob cake covered in our delicious chocolate ganache and chocolate chip crumbles! Serves 12-16


Naked Cookie Loving Creme Cake 

Celebrate your next special occasion with this pretty double layer naked carob cake with sprinkles.  Note:  This signature cake may come with a crack in the middle filled with sprinkles & cookie crumbles. Serves 15-20


This cake is for the one you love!  This delicious double layered carob cake has a surprise layer of our plant-based buttercream and cookie crumb in between the layers. Serves 15-20


Scrumptious Muffins

Have we got a tasteful, satisfying experience for you morning, noon or night!  Our moist muffins with your favorite cup of hot drink gives you a moment to hang your “Do not disturb sign.”  Store in cool place for up to 3 days.  May be frozen up to 6 months.

Full of flavor with apple pieces, this muffin draws you in, anxiously awaiting the next bite! 


You deserve to be this happy at breakfast or at snack time!   Warm this muffin for a delicious treat.  After eating one people often reach for the next!


Coconut milk, flakes & more are infused within the batter of this moist muffin for an alluring experience.


Free Shipping on Orders $20 or more

Gift Accessories

Add a gift bow or custom label to our attractive, classic dessert packaging to express your gift sentiments more elegantly and with greater impact.  Please order at time of purchase.

Add an attractive bow or ribbon to your dessert box or cookie bag to make it extra special!  Inventory varies per season, holiday or stock.


Surprise someone special with a delicious Deanna’s Delights gift for 3 months! Then, wait for the huge smile & big “Thank you!”.


To preserve our great taste, please freeze, not refrigerate your dessert selection.
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