About Us

About Us

Our start began with the idea of baking this complicated cupcake…deliciously!

One cupcake was the start...

Many years ago, Deanna began attempting to bake a moist, delicious cupcake without all of the traditional ingredients that make a cupcake amazing – milk, eggs, butter, etc., basically, animal products.  

To “test” her allergen reduced (vegan) creations, she would give them to friends, friends’ kids and school parents at sporting events. Her plant-based desserts were a hit!

Years later, a particular mom’s son had been enjoying Deanna’s desserts.  When this mom, a physician, finally tasted Deanna’s cookies, she called Deanna and said, “You HAVE to share these with the world! I could eat these every day!”  The seed was planted! Deanna was encouraged to begin sharing her desserts in retail.