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Welcome to the best plant-based dessert experience filled with exceptional taste! Our desserts are the perfect gift or addition to your next special occasion!  


Midday Maryland viewers!  Thank you for visiting our website!  We would love for you to order & enjoy our Deanna’s Delights™ desserts!  Remember to use the special coupon code mentioned on the show at check out for your viewer discount! 

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Our specialty's

We bake fresh plant-based desserts with carefully selected ingredients!  Each bite is an enjoyable surprise that stirs emotions & creates “happy” memories.

one dozen chocolate chip

$ 10

It’s very hard to share our crisp & chewy chocolate chip cookies!  

Vegan Carob Coconut Cake

Carob Coconut Cake

$ 26

Enjoy a special surprise with our moist “chocolate-like” covering in scrumptious coconut flakes! Absolutely delicious with a scoop of ice cream!

“Round 2. I sent a dozen of chocolate chip for my daughter’s birthday, she loves them. She’s waiting for another order of yummy cookies. Thanks again.
Tracy U.

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Our delicious desserts become a tradition!

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Thank you for visiting Deanna’s Delights!  We specialize in making delicious plant-based desserts!  People eat OUR desserts not because they have to, but because they are so good they want to!  You’ll be glad you tried them!

Can’t wait?

Deanna’s Delight™ has select desserts (includes our delicious brownies) available at Bonheur Patisserie & Deli for pick up located at:  7106 Minstrel Way, Suite E (located next to Subway®), Columbia, MD 21045;  So, stop by or call ahead at 410.290.7755!