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can a dessert make you this happy?

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Enjoy a great dessert experience...

You will find the best dessert experiences here!  Best of all they are deliciously PLANT-BASED!  Unlike other vegan desserts, our desserts have amazing textures.  Moist.  Crisp & Chewy.  Scrumptious!  Our freshly baked plant-based desserts satisfy your sweet tooth – guilt-free!  Enjoy & trust the ingredients in our all-natural desserts.  Order our delicious desserts!  You deserve it!  See. Eat. Happy!

one dozen chocolate chip

$ 12.50

We hear people don’t like to share our crisp & chewy chocolate chip cookies!   Some have been known to hide in a corner & devour!

Vegan Carob Coconut Cake

Carob Coconut Cake

$ 28

You’ll find this cake disappearing before your eyes!  Our moist carob cake is covered in scrumptious coconut flakes! Absolutely delicious with a scoop of ice cream!

Deanna's Delights® is the best edible dessert gift. Most gift it to themselves - over and over again. WHY? We deliver "special moments" that are great for you, special friends, special occasions and as corporate gifts. Our plant-based desserts are crowd pleasers! People never forget our desserts!

Our happy customers are known for making family & friend moments happier!

Allergen Notice:  Although our recipes do not include nut, dairy or eggs ingredients, our desserts are baked in a facility that uses nuts, tree nuts, gluten, dairy, soy & eggs.  

These cookies are life! I am vegan, and not big into desserts. But these cookies gave me a different perspective. I ate some for breakfast once, did I feel guilty? NO! These are the most delicious cookies I’ve ever had, they are seriously addictive, fresh, moist, and healthy . Yes!! Thank you Deanna’s Delights!
Donna A.

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No High Fructose Corn Syrup

No animal-based milk*, eggs*or butter*

No soy options

No peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans or hazelnuts

More oatmeal than flour in cookies

             * ingredients

Thank you for visiting Deanna’s Delights®!  We set out to make plant-based desserts moist, delicious & enjoyable.  Our customers say we did it!  Our desserts have become a “phenomena” in some settings!  We chose our ingredients & bake our recipes with you and your families taste & health in mind!  Add our desserts to your bucket list!

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