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Our company

Dessert Choice of Healthy Moms™

Plantbased Desserts Loved &

That bring people back -


Our desserts have been approved by the toughest critiques – kids! We use quality ingredients, in each dessert for your family and ours.  Our desserts please palates, make people pause, and then smile while savoring every surprising bite!

And, we love it! Making people happier and offering flavorful, plantbased experiences that are inclusive of most dieters and not easily forgotten are part of our purpose. We invite you to try & enjoy!



To create plant-based specialty foods that are so delicious they make people happy and even mainstream dieters crave them too! 


To become the world’s most beloved brand for plant-based, healthier and great tasting desserts that make people happy!

Our core values:

  • Committed – to excellence, high customer satisfaction & healthier ingredients.

  • Allergen-reduced – ingredients in our great desserts!

  • Kindness – In our daily interactions with each other, customers & vendors

  • Honesty

  • Transparency – to build customer loyalty & brand identity.