Dulce Blondie with Granola (8)


Sweet & salty collide for this surprisingly delicious signature dessert experience!  Our dulce blondie is drizzled with our butterscotch sauce.  Then, topped with tasty salty granola.  As a result, your taste buds are in for a treat! This dessert may remind you of pecan pie (without the pecans).  But, don’t feel guilty for enjoying this dessert, we also use wheat flour!

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This premium dulce blondie is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.  Or, share if you absolutely have to.  Sit back, relax and savor your time with this sweet & salty dessert that will surprise your taste buds!

Ingredients:  Cane brown sugar, unbleached flour, wheat flour, soy-free vegan butter, egg replacer, aluminum-free baking powder, natural sweeteners, sea salt. Butterscotch sauce:   Cane brown sugar, vegan soy-free butter, plant-based milk, natural sweetener, sea salt.  Nut-free Granola: Rolled oats, coconut flakes, sea salt, spices, natural flavorings & sweetener.


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