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Deanna has always enjoyed cooking.  Her love for “baking” was ignited when her child was unable to enjoy the baked sweets & desserts commonly found in grocery stores due to allergies.  To “test” her allergen reduced (vegan & egg-free) creations, she would give them to friends, friends’ kids and school parents at sporting events. Her plant-based desserts were a hit!

Hand scooped dough

Eventually, kids and parents, without allergies, would see her and ask for her desserts.  The requests continued with people asking to buy them.  Then, her loyal customers encouraged her to pursue retail.  Now, she enjoys creating soft, chewy or surprisingly moist, delicious desserts for retail that amaze people because they are vegan, soy-free, dairy-free or may contain only traces of milk (chocolate chips are manufactured on equipment that manufactures milk products).

Deanna takes great pride in the types of food eaten by her family and yours.  She substitutes mainstream animal-based ingredients with plant-based alternatives to bring the very best to her kids’ growing bodies.  Whenever possible, unbleached flour is decreased in recipes and replaced with oatmeal, raw wheat germ, flaxseed meal and whole wheat.  Deanna makes her “buttermilk” with soy milk and apple cider vinegar with “The Mother.”  Most desserts have 0% cholesterol!  She is excited about sharing her “healthier” desserts with other moms and dads who can provide healthier treats to their kids as well!

Deanna is a Mom-preneur, wife, inventor and accomplished licensed Physical Therapist.  She is also a certified ServSafe Food Manager.

Baked to order