If you are looking for an amazingly delicious cookie that is crisp, chewy and great for you, you have found it right here!  Our Mom-created cookies bring happiness to your day!  These cookies have 0% cholesterol and are made with oatmeal, organic raw cane sugar, soy butter & pure vanilla extract!

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You deserve to be this happy!  Our muffins make your mouth smile and bring moments of happiness to your breakfast and afternoon or anytime snack.  Our flavor creations are full of "Goodness" (oatmeal, raw wheatgerm, flaxseed, etc).

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You won't believe how "moist and delicious" co-exist without eggs, milk or butter (Mini-cupcakes pictured).  Perfect for birthday parties; toddler, teen & tween snacks; or your lunch at the office!

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Allergen Friendly

There are a lot of kids who miss out on delicious desserts because of allergens.  Our Mom-created desserts are especially for them!  It's difficult for parents of kids with allergies to figure out what to give their kids.  Our desserts are delicious & have reduced allergens!

No refined sugar!

Our recipes are created with raw cane sugar, brown sugar, organic maple syrup or ripe bananas to sweeten.  We consciously focus on decreasing the amount of sugar while maintaining sweet goodness!

No eggs!

How can we bake moist, delicious desserts without eggs or dairy?  Our mom-created recipes do it with a lot of love.  And, people love them!

Vegan desserts!

Our delicious desserts are so delicious and addictive, people don't care that they have 0% cholesterol!  We do!   Kids with egg, dairy and peanut allergies can enjoy scrumptious desserts too!  Our desserts are baked with vegan butter & soy milk (sorry, we don't use almond milk-no nuts here!).

Healthy eating

While you enjoy our dessert, we will focus on the "healthy" because we care!  Kids love our desserts and their growing bodies need good stuff.  We attempt to decrease white flour in our recipes.  We replace with 100% whole wheat flour, ground oatmeal, raw wheat germ and flaxseed meal.  Don't worry, your kid's taste buds won't have a clue!

Kid, Tween & Teen Approved!
We knew our creations had achieved the ultimate in "delicious-ness" when tweens & teens requested to buy these desserts!  Toddlers little taste-buds love our desserts, too.  We feel good parents know, that if it comes from Deanna, they trust it!

Catering & Events


Deanna gladly prepares & creates desserts for events!  Chocolate desserts feature Dutch chocolate or carob.  If you are interested in non-meat catering for a wedding, birthday party or event, delicious vegetarian and vegan meal options are available through Margaret's Home-style Cuisine.


This venture started as a fundraiser for a school project. Family and friends enjoyed these treats. Now, interest in my offerings have increased. Thank you for your interest! Want to order? Or, reorder? Email deannasdelights@hotmail.com. Or, order in person when you see Deanna.

Our products contain no preservatives and most have 0% cholesterol! So, order more! Dismiss